Geelong, Victoria, Australia

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Geelong, Victoria, Australia
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City/Town : Latitude: -38.1471126, Longitude: 144.3606949


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Charlotte  Cal 1858Geelong, Victoria, Australia I365
2 Baker, Elizabeth Amy  1865Geelong, Victoria, Australia I366
3 Butterworth, Arthur Francis  9 Jul 1901Geelong, Victoria, Australia I376
4 Butterworth, Edward James  17 Sep 1907Geelong, Victoria, Australia I379
5 Butterworth, Elizabeth Amy  19 Jan 1884Geelong, Victoria, Australia I368
6 Butterworth, Ella May  16 Feb 1885Geelong, Victoria, Australia I370
7 Butterworth, Ellen Victoria  13 May 1903Geelong, Victoria, Australia I377
8 Butterworth, Richard John  29 Aug 1896Geelong, Victoria, Australia I373
9 Dowling, Margaret Dagmar  Cal 1853Geelong, Victoria, Australia I2754
10 Lee, George King  1861Geelong, Victoria, Australia I150
11 Lee, James  Abt 1864Geelong, Victoria, Australia I1270
12 Lee, John  1853Geelong, Victoria, Australia I170
13 Lee, Joseph  Abt 1862Geelong, Victoria, Australia I1269
14 Lee, Richard Brush  1851Geelong, Victoria, Australia I147
15 Lee, Sarah Ann  1859Geelong, Victoria, Australia I1267
16 Lee, Sarah Anne  1856Geelong, Victoria, Australia I148
17 Lee, Stephen Thomas  9 Jul 1851Geelong, Victoria, Australia I33
18 Mack, John Robert  Cal Mar 1876Geelong, Victoria, Australia I2764
19 Milne, Mabel  19 Dec 1883Geelong, Victoria, Australia I744
20 Sanders, Alice Edith  Cal Sep 1872Geelong, Victoria, Australia I2142
21 Sanders, James George  1860Geelong, Victoria, Australia I2124
22 Sanders, Marion  1875Geelong, Victoria, Australia I2145
23 Sanders, William Ernest  1897Geelong, Victoria, Australia I2877
24 Welch, Ann Amelia  11 Jan 1857Geelong, Victoria, Australia I386
25 Welch, Charles Edward Ernest  26 Aug 1864Geelong, Victoria, Australia I390
26 Welch, Eliza Jane  24 Jul 1867Geelong, Victoria, Australia I391
27 Welch, Helen Henrietta  18 Dec 1871Geelong, Victoria, Australia I393
28 Welch, Johanna  4 Sep 1869Geelong, Victoria, Australia I392
29 Welch, John McPherson  15 Mar 1874Geelong, Victoria, Australia I394
30 Welch, Susanna May  1869Geelong, Victoria, Australia I396


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baker, Elizabeth Amy  1 Jan 1939Geelong, Victoria, Australia I366
2 Baker, John  9 Mar 1862Geelong, Victoria, Australia I106
3 Baker, Richard  10 Apr 1935Geelong, Victoria, Australia I356
4 Butterworth, Ella May  25 Apr 1955Geelong, Victoria, Australia I370
5 Butterworth, John  6 Jan 1933Geelong, Victoria, Australia I367
6 Butterworth, Ruby Sarah Jane  1 Jul 1945Geelong, Victoria, Australia I371
7 Lee, Sarah Anne  22 May 1910Geelong, Victoria, Australia I148
8 McKenna, Edith Elizabeth  12 Dec 1901Geelong, Victoria, Australia I2213
9 McKenna, Mabel Lilian  2 Oct 1900Geelong, Victoria, Australia I2210
10 McKenna, Sarah Rose Ann  9 May 1900Geelong, Victoria, Australia I2209
11 Milne, Arthur Kinnear  21 Nov 1925Geelong, Victoria, Australia I364
12 Pierpoint, Sarah Ann  3 Nov 1888Geelong, Victoria, Australia I357
13 Sanders, William John  11 Feb 1889Geelong, Victoria, Australia I1470
14 Welch, Henry John  1866Geelong, Victoria, Australia I389


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Yates, James Johnathon  (27 APR)Geelong, Victoria, Australia I362


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Baker, John  30 Sep 1856Geelong, Victoria, Australia I106
2 Baker, Richard  19 Sep 1856Geelong, Victoria, Australia I356
3 Pierpoint, Sarah Ann  Sep 1856Geelong, Victoria, Australia I357
4 Smith, Anne Elizabeth  30 Sep 1856Geelong, Victoria, Australia I227


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Dowling, Margaret Dagmar  12 Dec 1874Geelong, Victoria, Australia I2754
2 Lee, John  11 Jul 1849Geelong, Victoria, Australia I21
3 Lee, John  11 Sep 1851Geelong, Victoria, Australia I21
4 McDonnell, Bridget  22 Jun 1864Geelong, Victoria, Australia I2595
5 Thomas, Sarah  11 Jul 1849Geelong, Victoria, Australia I23


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Sanders, William John  Geelong, Victoria, Australia I1470


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baker / Pierpoint  4 Apr 1858Geelong, Victoria, Australia F183
2 Lee / Cooper  1877Geelong, Victoria, Australia F43
3 Lee / Heaney  1858Geelong, Victoria, Australia F137
4 Lee / Thomas  11 Jul 1849Geelong, Victoria, Australia F30