Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia

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Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia
[Oakleigh] [Victoria] [Australia]

Location : Latitude: -37.9, Longitude: 145.1


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allsop, Edith Mary  23 Apr 1889Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I2417
2 Allsop, William John  1877Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I1684
3 Baker, Edward Cuff  1876Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I1194
4 Barnes, Lucilla Amy  11 Jun 1890Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I405
5 Chaundy, Albert John  1869Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I1905
6 Couper, Barbara  1869Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I304
7 Couper, Charles Henry  13 Jan 1890Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I294
8 Couper, Christina  1864Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I303
9 Couper, Ethel Mary  1886Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I292
10 Couper, Isabella  1860Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I301
11 Couper, Joseph  Abt Sep 1858Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I300
12 Couper, Leslie Miller  8 Jun 1887Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I293
13 Couper, Lucy Ellen  1883Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I290
14 Couper, Robert  1862Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I302
15 Couper, Robert John  1871Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I305
16 Couper, Robert John  1881Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I289
17 Couper, Ruby Maude  19 Nov 1891Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I295


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allsop, Robert Frederick  1949Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I1682
2 Baker, Edward Cuff  Jan 1883Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I1194
3 Couper, Isabella  20 Aug 1900Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I301
4 Couper, Joseph  6 Nov 1860Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I300
5 Couper, Leslie Miller  2 Mar 1897Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I293
6 Couper, Margaret Anne  28 Nov 1888Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I1185
7 Couper, Robert  1864Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I302
8 Davidson, Lily Sarah  1904Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I2138
9 Isabel Swan, Evelyn  Abt May 1943Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I2662
10 Lee, Frederic Robert Richard  24 May 1947Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I152
11 Simmons, Robert Norman  1899Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I1068
12 Warren, Dorothy Dorine  1962Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I1705


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Inquest    Person ID 
1 Jones, Caroline  2 Apr 1891Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I285

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Couper, Charles Henry  (during the second world war)Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I294


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Allsop, John  Dec 1880Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I159
2 Baker, Edward Cuff  Jan 1883Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I1194
3 Couper, Daniel Miller  18 Jul 1887Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I25
4 Couper, Daniel Miller  31 Mar 1890Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I25
5 Couper, Jessie Isabella  Nov 1904Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I20
6 Jones, Caroline  Dec 1880Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I285
7 Sanders, James George  10 Dec 1902Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I2124
8 Stannus, Arthur  Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia I27


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Davenport / Lee  Abt 1929Oakleigh, Victoria, Australia F44